Fastest Performance

DDoS Protection

Protect your sites and APIs against DDoS attacks

DDoS Protection for Websites

Great DDoS protection for Website hosting plans.

$ 249 /Mo
  • Fast attack mitigation
  • Transparent DDoS protection
  • Web redirects with frames

DDoS Protection for Networks

High quality DDoS Protection plan for your Networks.

$ 479 /Mo
  • Established GRE/IPIP/MPLS tunnel
  • Set up a BGP session
  • Delivered only legitimate traffic

DDoS Protection for Domain Server

Enterprise level DDoS Protection for Domain servers

$ 799 /Mo
  • DNS zones protection
  • Zone transfers
  • Fast attack mitigation

Global DDoS Protection

From professional business to enterprise, we've got you covered!

OrangeHosting is a leading provider of DDoS attack prevention services in the world, thanks to its global backbone optical network and the use of high-security technologies in several locations around the world, thus being able to defend attacks as close to their source as possible, without affecting the overall stability of the network.
  • Ensure generic protection of customer infrastructure from DDoS attacks.
  • No specific configuration
  • Charging on hourly basis regardless of attack volume
  • Includes TVDP for all customer infrastructure
  • In case of attack platform ensure reachability of customer critical services and infrastructure
  • DDoS mitigation platform performs learning to understand customer specific pattern
  • Blocks a wide range of attacks with customized multi-layered protection
  • Hardware-based SSL engines inspect the latest SSL/TLS standards
  • Defense Messaging between devices provides accurate and instant mitigation

Our Datacenters

The combination of our local and international services enables us to offer your company or organization an opportunity to build your entire infrastructure with one reliable partner.

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